Stuff Gateway 0. 5 packed filled with new features, including experimental clever assistant

The Things Gateway from Mozilla allows you to directly monitor and control your house over the web, without a middleman.

Today the Mozilla IoT team is excited to announce the particular 0. five release of the Things Gateway , which is packed full of new functions including customisable devices, a more effective rules engine, an interactive floorplan and an experimental smart associate you can talk to.

Customisable Things

Custom Abilities

A powerful new “ capabilities” system means that devices shall no longer be restricted to a predefined set of Internet Thing Types, but can be constructed from an extensible schema-based approach to “ capabilities ” through our new schema repository .

This means that developers have got much more flexibility to create weird plus wacky devices, and users convey more control over how the device is used. If you have a doorway sensor which also happens to be a temperatures sensor , a smart plug which also offers a multi-colour LED ring , or a entire bunch of sensors all in one device , you’ re not limited by limited device types.

And also this provides more flexibility to programmers who want to build their own web factors using the Stuff Framework , which now also offers support for Rust , MicroPython and Arduino .

Custom Icons

When an user adds a device towards the gateway they can now choose exactly what main function they want to use it with regard to and what icon is used to stand for it.

Image showing the UI for selecting capabilities from a dropdown menu

You can even upload your own customized icon if you want to.

Image showing UI for choosing an image icon for different types of things

Custom Web User interface

In addition to the built-in URINARY INCONTINENCE the gateway generates for gadgets, web things can now provide an url to a custom web interface created specifically for any given device. This is helpful for complex or unusual devices just like a robot or a “ pixel wall ” in which a custom designed UI can be a lot more user friendly.

Image of UI showing samples of custom web interface icons you are able to create

Actions & Events

In addition to qualities (like “ on/off”, “ level” and “ color” ), the particular gateway UI can now represent activities like “ fade” which are induced with a button and can accept insight via a form.

Screenshot of UI for selecting different types of actions

Screenshot of UI for identifying duration and level

The UI can also display a celebration log for a device.

Screenshot of event log USER INTERFACE

Powerful Rules Motor

The rules engine right now supports rules with multiple advices and multiple outputs. Simple guidelines are still just as easy to create, yet more advanced rules can make use of “ if”, “ while”, “ and”, “ or” and “ equals” operators to create more sophisticated automations through an intuitive drag and fall interface.

It’ s also at this point possible to set colours and guitar strings as outputs.

Online Floorplan

The floorplan view is even more useful since you can view the status of gadgets and even control them from straight inside the floorplan. Simply tap items to turn them on and off, or lengthy press to get to their detail see. This provides a helpful visual summary of the status of your whole clever home.

UI showing an interactive floorplan for monitoring your smart home

Smart Assistant Experiment

A feature we’ re particularly pumped up about is a new smart assistant you are able to talk to via a chat style user interface, either by typing or making use of your voice.

You can provide commands like “ Turn your kitchen light on” and it will respond to you to definitely confirm the action. So far it could understand a basic set of commands to show devices on and off, set levels, arranged colours and set colour temperatures.

Image from the foxy smart assistant and samples of voice and text interactions inch width=

The smart assistant remains very experimental so it’ t currently turned off by default, but you can allow it through Settings -> Clever Assistant UI.

UI for enabling to the wise assistant

Other Modifications

Other new functions include developer settings which permit you to view system logs and enable/disable the gateway’ s SSH machine so you can log in via the command range.

UI showing developer settings panel

It’ s also today much easier to rename devices and you can at this point also add devices that require a pin number to be entered during partnering.

How to Get Involved

To try out the latest version from the gateway, down load the software image from your website to use on a Raspberry Professional indemnity. If you already have a gateway setup, you should notice it automatically up-date itself to the 0. 5 launch.

As always, we delightful your efforts to our open resource project. You can provide feedback and inquire questions on Discourse and document bugs and send pull demands on GitHub .

Happy hacking!

Full time UK-based Mozillian, focusing on the Web of Things.

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