Steps to make VR with the web, a new video clip series

Virtual reality (VR) seems complicated, using a few JavaScript libraries and equipment, and the power of WebGL , you can make very nice VR scenes which can be viewed and shared in a head-set like an Oculus Go or HTC Vive, in a desktop web browser, or even on your smartphone. Let me show you exactly how:

With this new YouTube series, How to make the virtual reality project in your browser along with ThreeJS and WebVR , I’ ll take you through developing an interactive birthday card within seven short tutorials, complete with program code and examples to get you started. The whole collection clocks in under 60 minutes. All of us begin by getting a basic cube to the screen, add some nice 3D versions, set up lights and navigation, after that finally add music.

All you need are basic JavaScript abilities and an internet connection.

Here’ s the whole series. Arrive join me:

1: Learn how to create virtual reality scenes on the web with WebVR and JavaScript

2: Setup your WebVR workflow and program code to build a virtual reality birthday cards

three or more: Using a WebVR publisher (Spoke) to create a fun 3D birthday celebration card

4: How to make realistic lighting in a virtual reality picture

five: How to move around within virtual reality using teleportation to get around your scene

6: Including text and text effects for your WebVR scene with a few ranges of code

7: How you can add finishing touches like properly sky to your WebVR scene


To learn how to make more great stuff with web technologies, sign up for Mozilla Hackers on YouTube. And if you wish to get more involved in learning to create blended reality experiences for the web, you are able to follow @MozillaReality on twitter meant for news, articles, and updates.

I am an author, researcher, and recuperating engineer. Formerly on the Swing Group at Sun, the webOS group at Palm, and Nokia Analysis. I spread the word of good consumer experiences. I live in sunny Eugene Oregon with my wife and professional Lego builder child.

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