nine Biggest Mistakes with CSS Main grid

It’ s easy to make plenty of mistakes with a new technology, especially some thing that’ s as big of the change from the past as CSS Main grid. In this video, I explain the particular 9 Biggest Mistakes people are producing, with advice and tips for staying away from these pitfalls and breaking previous habits.

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Mistake one: Thinking CSS Grid is Almost everything
Flexbox vs . CSS Grid — That is Better?
Using Flexbox & Grid Jointly
Destroy Boxiness with CSS Shapes

Mistake two: Using Only Percents for Sizing
Min & Max Content Sizing in CSS Grid
FR Units in CSS Main grid
MinMax in CSS Grid

Mistake 3: Presuming You Need Breakpoints
Incredibly Easy Layouts along with CSS Grid

Mistake 4: Getting Puzzled by Numbering
Innovative & Practical Image Design with CSS Grid
Basics associated with CSS Grid: The Big Picture

Mistake five: Always Using 12-columns
I talk about this particular towards the end of “ FR Units in CSS Grid”

Mistake six: Ignoring the Power of Rows
Flexibility & The Fold
Whitespace on The Web

Mistake 7: Achieving for a Framework

Mistake 8: Waiting for IE11 to Die
Internet Explorer + CSS Main grid?
7-part Series on Writing Resilient CSS that works in all browsers

Mistake 9: Hesitating, Instead of Playing
Responsive Mondrian
CSS Grid just like you are Jan Tschichold

Jen Simmons is a Designer plus Developer Advocate at Mozilla, devoted to CSS and layout design on the internet. She is a member of the CSS Functioning Group, and speaks at several conferences including An Event Apart, SXSW, Fluent, Smashing Conf and more.

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