Launching a New Management Structure for Ecma TC39

Author’ s note: You may have noticed that the name of the author appears in this post in the third person. Hi, I’ m an engineer at Mozilla working on the Firefox DevTools machine. I’ m also a TC39 consultant. I don’ t usually talk about myself in the 3rd person.

In 2019, Ecma’ s TC39 (the standardizing entire body behind JavaScript/ECMAScript)   will be attempting something new. The committee has grown within the last few years. As a result, the requirements of operating the meeting have grown. To give you a concept of the scale — between forty and 60 delegates (and occasionally more) meet 6 times annually to discuss proposed changes to the ECMAScript specification. Since we have grown a lot, we will be changing our management framework. We will move away from single-chair plus vice-chair roles to a flat structure with three chairs sharing the obligation.

In keeping with this brand new approach, we’ re excited to mention new co-chairs Aki Braun ( PayPal ), Brian Terlson ( Microsoft ) and Yulia Startsev ( Mozilla ). Myles Borins ( Google ), plus Till Schneidereit ( Mozilla ) will certainly join to help facilitate the conferences. We’ ll experiment with this framework this year, and then reflect on what we find out. This new structure allows us to sum up on running meetings so that we are able to be more efficient as a group.

Thanks to our previous chair plus vice-chairs Rex Jaeschke , Leo Balter ( Bocoup ), and Serta Ehrenberg ( Igalia ), for their wonderful work to date.

In case you are interested in the specification process, all of us invite you to take a look at our contribution documentation , and present proposals . If you want to talk JS or just hang out, feel free to join all of us in # tc39 on . New to IRC? .

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