House Monitoring with Things Gateway zero. 6

When it comes to smart home devices, safeguarding the safety and security of your home when you aren’ t there is a popular area of ownership. Traditional home security systems are possibly completely offline (an alarm noises in the house, but nobody is notified) or professionally monitored (with expensive subscription services). Self monitoring of the connected home therefore makes sense, most current smart home solutions nevertheless require ongoing service fees plus send your private data to some centralised cloud service.

A floor strategy style diagram describes uses associated with autonomous home monitoring with Task Things

The newest version of the Things Gateway rolls out today with brand new home monitoring features that allow you to directly monitor your home over the internet, without a middleman. That means no month-to-month fees, your private data remains in your home by default, and you can choose from a number of sensors from different brands.

Version 0. 6 provides support for door sensors, movement sensors and customisable push notices. Other enhancements include support designed for push buttons and a wider selection of Apple HomeKit devices, as well as common robustness improvements and better mistake reporting.


The latest update comes with assistance for door/window sensors and movement sensors, including the SmartThings Motion Messf├╝hler and SmartThings Multi-purpose Sensor . An illustration with icons of various detectors used in home monitoring These detectors make great triggers for a house monitoring system and also report heat, battery level and tamper recognition.

Push Notifications

You can now create rules which usually trigger a push notification for your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. An example use case for this would be to notify you when a door continues to be opened or motion is recognized in your home, but you can use notifications designed for whatever you like!

To produce a rule which triggers a press notification, simply drag and fall the notification output and personalize it with your own message.

A diagram displaying how the Intruder Alarm is induced by the interaction of the sensors. inch width= Thanks to the power of Progressive Internet Apps , if you’ ve installed the gateway’ s internet app on your smartphone or capsule you’ ll receive notifications set up web app is closed.

Push Buttons

We’ ve also added assistance for push buttons, like the SmartThings Button , which you can program in order to trigger any action you like utilizing the rules engine. Use a button to merely turn a light on, or arranged a whole scene with multiple results.

Diagram of writing rules that bring about actions by the Push Button

Error Reporting

0. 6 also includes a range of robustness improvements including link detection and error reporting. This means it will be easier to tell whether you have dropped connectivity to the gateway, or your devices has dropped offline, and when something goes wrong with an addition, you’ ll be informed about it in the gateway UI.

In case a device has dropped offline, the icon is displayed as clear until it comes back online. In case your web app loses connectivity using the gateway, you’ ll see an information appear at the bottom of the screen. A diagram of all the detectors showing their status.


The particular HomeKit adapter add-on now supports the wider range of Apple HomeKit suitable devices including:

Intelligent plugs


Light bulbs


These devices use the built/in Bluetooth or WiFi support of the Raspberry Pi-based gateway, so you don’ t even need an USB kopierschutzstecker.


You can download version 0. six today from the site. If you’ ve already constructed your own Things Gateway with a Raspberry Pi and have it connected to the Web, it should automatically update itself quickly.

We can’ big t wait to see what creative things do with all these new functions. Be sure to let us know on Discourse and Twitter !

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