Display your support for Firefox along with new badges

Firefox is only as strong as the passionate users. Because we’ lso are independent, people need to make a mindful choice to use a non-default browser on the system. We’ re most productive when happy users tell other people about an alternative worth trying.

A laptop showing a website using a Firefox badge

If you’ re an Opera user and want to show your assistance, we’ ve made a collection of badges you can add to your website to tell users, “ I use Firefox, and you should too! ”

You can browse the badges and grab the code to show them on a dedicated microsite we’ ve built- pictures are hosted on a Mozilla CDN, so there’ s no need to down load them (though you’ re thanks for visiting if you want). We’ ll end up being adding more badges as time goes on as well.

So whether you’ lso are excited to use a browser from a non-profit using a mission to build a much better Internet, or just think Firefox is really a kick-ass product, we’ d adore for you to spread the word.

Thank you for your support!

Potch is a Web Platform Advocate with Mozilla.

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