An Update on MDN Web Docs

Last week, Mozilla announced some general changes in our investments and we would like to outline how they will impact our MDN platform efforts moving forward. It hurts to make these cuts, and it’s important that we be candid on what’s changing and why.

First we want to be clear, MDN is not going away. The core engineering team will continue to run the MDN site and Mozilla will continue to develop the platform.

However, because of Mozilla’s restructuring, we have had to scale back our overall investment in developer outreach, including MDN. Our Co-Founder and CEO Mitchell Baker outlines the reasons why here. As a result, we will be pausing support for DevRel sponsorship, Hacks blog and Tech Speakers. The other areas we have had to scale back on staffing and programs include: Mozilla developer programs, developer events and advocacy, and our MDN tech writing.

We recognize that our tech writing staff drive a great deal of value to MDN users, as do partner contributions to the content. So we are working on a plan to keep the content up to date. We are continuing our planned platform improvements, including a GitHub-based submission system for contributors.

We believe in the value of MDN Web Docs as a premier web developer resource on the internet. We are currently planning how to move MDN forward long term, and will develop this new plan in close collaboration with our industry partners and community members.

Thank you all for your continued care and support for MDN,

— Rina Jensen, Director, Contributor Experience

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