A brand new video series: Web Demystified

We don’ t have to inform you that video is a key approach for sharing information and training skills especially for students and programmers who’ ve grown up with Youtube . com. At Mozilla, we’ ve been a leader in supporting the open up technologies that bring unencumbered video clip into the internet browser and onto the web .

But on top of the technologies, there’ s content. In 2018, Mozilla’ s Developer Outreach group has launched some projects to talk about more knowledge in video. Recording, Jen Simmons set a high pub with the launch of Layout Land , a string about “ what’ s today possible in graphic design on the internet — layout, CSS Grid, and much more. ”

This post presents Web Demystified , a new collection targeting web makers. By internet makers, I have in mind everyone who have builds things for the web: creative designers, developers, project and team supervisors, students, hobbyists, and experts. These days we’ ve released the starting two episodes on the Mozilla Hacks YouTube funnel , introducing web basics.

Our goal is to offer basic information for beginner internet makers, at the start of their web trip. The subject matter will also serve as the refresher on web fundamentals.

Our starting point

To start, there is one question that needs to be responded: What is the web? And voila, the following is our opener:

What to expect following

The next four shows cover some basic technologies in the middle of the web (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SVG). We will release a brand new show every couple weeks for your seeing pleasure. And then we will continue the journey into details, covering things like: how the browser works, image types for the web, domain names, WebAssembly, plus more…

As an additional attraction, here is Episode #1 (the second show). It’ s about HTML:

An invitation in order to participate

In correct Mozilla fashion, we’ d desired your help sharing this brand new content and helping us publicize it.

  • If you take pleasure in those videos, please like all of them on YouTube, and share them with your friends, co-workers, family, and networks.
  • If you have constructive feedback on the collection, please share it here in remarks. (Reminder: these shows are targeted at beginners and we aim to keep them short. )
  • In general, when there are topics you wish to see protected, tell us and if you have questions concerning the content itself: Ask!
  • Last but not least, if you’ re not really a native English speaker, please translate the video captions into your very own language. Many people will thank you for that.

Enjoy Web Demystified ! And see you in a week.

Jeremie is a long time contributor/employee to the Mozilla Developer Network, plus a professional web developer since 2k. He’s advocating web standards, composing documentation and creating all kind of content about web technologies using the will to make them accessible in order to everybody.

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